Monday, June 23, 2014


The inspiration for this bag came from this free video  tutorial below...... Missouri Quilt Company.  I have posted this video once before.  I love their tutorials!!

 I cut my own 2 1/2" strips,  added a magnetic closure, as well as inside zipper pocket, & a flap to the outside pocket.  The bag is smaller than the one in the video (but it is not small).

You might have noticed that there is a small piece of the green showing at the top of the bag.  I just rolled some of the lining up and sewed it in place.   I somehow still had enough lining to fit the bag properly!  I really like the finished look!

One thing I discovered is that the straps need to go toward the center of the bag more.  I didn't do that.  The boxed corners are smaller than I would have made them, but  I had to accommodate the straps.  You can see this clearly in the picture.  This would make the outer pocket smaller as well.

I am also going to add a removable bottom  for support because of the boxed corners.    All in all I think it turned out quite well!

Hope you like it!

 Velcro on the tab.  Love the big pocket on the outside!

 Magnetic closure & zipper pocket.



  1. Like your bag better. Colors are beautiful

  2. Great bag, beautiful fabric, thankyou, another project to look forward to.


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