Sunday, July 13, 2014

THE BEGINNING...and progressing!

I started this bag awhile ago, and have been doing just a little bit here and there.  I love the color of it, although here it doesn't look as bright & vibrant as it really is.

My inspiration came from the Missouri Quilt Co.  You can check out their you tube video HERE!
I didn't make it exactly the same.  I added a few more charms, zipper, pocket, tab, and the flap, but you can see by the pictures how it was done.  My quilting is different as well! 


                                I probably should have put in a longer zipper, but this is all I had.

 The zipper pocket is a good size!  I sewed along the bottom of the pocket twice.

I added some piping to the top of the outer pocket and used  batting as an interfacing.  So soft!  I put two pieces of pocket pieces, right sides facing, together, then sewed around the outside.  I left a small opening in the bottom to pull the pocket right side out.  I then added the tab.  Press well before sewing onto the bag.  Sew around the three sides.  I sewed back and forth at the corners a couple of times.

 The finished pocket - note the tab.  This is where the flap of the bag will go through.

The tab.

I decided to use a grommet.  This flap goes through the tab, and sits securely.

 Just place the straps and flap on the bag, as you normally would when sewing the lining in, and sew all around.  Make sure your straps are not twisted.  Basically follow the directions for the charms tote bag by Missouri Quilt for your straps and lining.

The finished project!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  If you've made a few of these bags, and want them posted, just e-mail me at

That's all for now!



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