Thursday, February 26, 2015


Here's a great little pouch ideal for a cell phone.  My Note 3 fits well, so you would have room for a few extra items, should you have a smaller cell.

 Change the fabric and you have a useful pouch suitable for a child or adult.

On the back there is a small zipper pocket for cards,  money,  ID, or all three!  The clasp would be great for keys or attached to your purse.

 It is easy to make, and there are an abundance of pictures to follow!  You can also get an idea of my tutorial style.  I hope you  like it!  : )

This is a PDF, and is being offered on Craftsy.

 For those who don't know what to do now...(I've been there)...just click on Craftsy in pink, and it will take you directly to the tutorial.  You don't have to join Craftsy.  You can just download it from there.


  1. I love that this is big enough for the Note 3. Nobody makes anything big enough for my Note 3. I will have to give it a go and do a blog post when I'm done! Thanks

  2. Thank you Michreta! I will look forward to seeing your blog post!


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