Thursday, June 25, 2015


 This is a quick and easy tutorial!  I wouldn't hang the station on a plug in  receptacle though, but rather use a wall hook of some kind, next to the plug in!

  I seem to always have my cell,  along with the cord,  on the kitchen counter.   A nuisance of sorts if you are needing counter space.  That is actually what inspired me to make this.

This easy to follow tutorial can be found at  Positively Splendid.

My First Canadiana Baby Quilt

I just completed a baby quilt, which is my first  ever.  It was really difficult to decide on the fabrics, as well as the pattern.

 I'm not sure of the baby's gender at this point, so I just went ahead with what fabrics you see here. They are not very babyish, other than the little yellow birds.  My daughter and I had a good laugh, as she thought they were bunnies. Time for glasses Honey! : )

The pattern is called the Americana Baby Quilt. I really love Americans, but I'm going to call it the Canadiana Baby Quilt, just cuz!  I know you'll understand!  It's on Craftsy, and you can find it HERE!  It is fairly easy to make, and there are many great binding tutorials out there.  I found some excellent ones on You Tube, and one on Craftsy.

This quilt transpired through news last week that I'm going to be a great grandmother in the near future!  It seems a bit different than a grandmother. This time round, it's all new. There's a quietness, a peace I feel in anticipation of a new baby.

 I remember the days when my granddaughter was little, with me pushing her around the back yard in her little yellow pedal car, playing hide and seek, racing down the hallway with her in the laundry basket, or singing and dancing together in the living-room!  It's just not something I feel inspired or look forward to doing again!  I think I will just pass over the scepter to my daughter, and accept my new position!

Those years with my granddaughter, however, were the most wonderful years of my life which I will cherish FOREVER!  Can you believe it, I'm crying...Oh boy!

 Have a awesome day ladies!


Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Adalyn Dress - ithinkso

This is a comfy and stylish  little girl's dress...size 24 months! It's an excellent pattern, and so easy to follow.  I think any little girl would love to wear this dress, don't you?

  You can find the pattern at Ithinkso.

I mostly have tote bags and pouches on my blog, but I sometimes venture into other areas.  I just wanted to share this one with you!  This is Sophie wearing her new dress.  Her mother says she wants to wear it all the time!  What a Sweetie!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Beginnings of a Quilt

Just the beginnings of another quilt.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do!

I thought I could make some blocks and cut out the pictures in the panel and incorporate them all into a quilt?

There are some excellent tutorials on You Tube for making blocks.  I've never attempted one until the other day.  Infact I never ever, ever thought I would enter the land of quilting!  Beware ladies, quilting has a powerful drawing force!  : )

I'm not too fond of the little vehicle on the panel for some reason, but maybe I could cut the vehicle and clouds out, and move the sun over.  The phone, typewriter, and radio could be used for mug rugs?  Do you have any suggestions/ideas?

I found the block pattern on You Tube  HERE!  This is Wishes Quilt along Block One: Flying Kite - Fat Quarter Shop.  I believe there's 12 different block tutorials!  This is an excellent tutorial with print-out instructions as well as the video.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Stitch up a tote that is sturdy, roomy, and just plain adorable!

You can find this free tutorial at

There are plenty of other free downloads  as well!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Free Tote Bag Tutorial

Asymmetrical bags are my favorite!  Here's  one I completed about two weeks ago.

There is an inside zipper pocket on one side, and a large open pocket on the other, which  I divided  into two.

The straps have an a bit of asymmetrical work on them.    I added a "Beautiful" label to the front of the bag, as I really like the look of a label.

This free tote bag tutorial/pattern can be found at Haberdashery Fun.