Saturday, October 31, 2015


Nothing like new potholders! I  added a grommet to each one. 

You probably recognize the fabric from the little bag I just made.

1.) Sew strips of fabric together to make two  10" squares.    Cut 2 back pieces - 10" x 10".
2.)  Add quilt batting to the back side of the front.  I used only one layer, but two can be used if you wish.  Pin in place.
3.) Quilt the front -  straight lines.   Click on the picture  to see the lines.
4.)Place the insul-brite (same size) on to the back  of the front & batting piece, shiny side facing away from the front.  You could add this  as in step 2 with the batting and then  go ahead with the straight line quilting.5.  Place the back piece on  the front, right sides facing.  Pin all the pieces in place to prevent shifting of the fabric.   6.)  Sew a 1/8" around the outside, leaving a 2" opening.  7.) Turn it right side out,  pressing the small open area seams inward. Line them up with the closed area. 8.) Sew around the potholder  using a 1/4 "seam allowance.  9.) Sew down each strip seam, called stitch in the ditch.  You can see how it is done HERE! 10.)  Measure for each grommet and add. 


 - When adding the grommets,  have BOTH potholders facing up the same way ( the pieces running in the same direction).  HERE  is a good tutorial for grommets.

I hope this  tutorial is simple to understand!  Potholders are fairly easy to make, and quick.  I really like this  way of making them, as I don't have to attempt binding.

They would really make a nice little gift!

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  1. Nice tutorial,Linda! Hey, do you realize it's been 8 months since you started this blog?! Time flies!! It's looking really good. Love the profile info too. Looking good!


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