Monday, October 12, 2015

The Lipstick Pouch!

I recently had a bunch of fabric given to me, including this lipstick fabric   I just love it!.  I added the pink as it was the only fabric I had that really matched.   There still enough of the lipstick fabric left over  to make a tote bag or even a couple of cosmetic pouches!

 This is pretty well your basic pouch, certainly nothing fancy.   I originally was going to make a pouch with two pleats, but  I didn't have enough fabric, so had to scrap that idea!!

I was thinking how it is so much easier and quicker to make pouches.  It's sure different than even a few years ago, when I would have to keep checking back to see what the next step was.   (Can't believe I'm saying this, but zippers and binding are easy as well).  There are still mistakes made, and the old seam ripper is put to work, but I  enjoy sewing.

It seems like quilting captivated me for a while.  Although I'm making another quilt, I would like to sew  tote bags or purses again.

I've added a large pocket to the inside of the pouch.  I used a checkered fabric in the inside, which is totally against "matching fabrics" for me, but I love it.  Hope you do to!!

What would be the ideal pouch for you?  Would you like more zipper pockets, a pocket with a flap, a long strap? or???  What about the size?


  1. This is a lovely little pouch Linda.....I love the materials you have put together, esp. the checked lining. (From Maureen...yr anonymous friend :))

  2. Thank you Maureen! I'm surprised sometimes at what matches!! : )


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