Monday, May 9, 2016

A Baby Gift!

Well, we've had two new additions to our family since December...both beautiful little girls.  One is named Hallie, and the other Sloane!  One was born in December and the other in April, my great grandchild, & my niece's baby.

I've made a few quilts, burp cloths, painted a dresser, and still have curtains to make for the nursery.  I recently made my niece's baby a dress as well, so thought I would post it.  Quite a change from bags and wallets I must say.

I've made this little dress before, but not this small.  It's like it could fit a doll, so I hope it fits Sloane. Oh, she's the most precious little one with a turned up nose, chubby cheeks!  ADORABLE!!

The little tag in the center of the sash is quite small, but I love the saying!  One of the ladies posted it when I showed the baby's pic on FB.  I couldn't resist putting it on her dress.  I just used a fabric sheet and my Word program..quite easy to make!

The Adalyn Dress pattern can be purchased HERE.     Have a great day!

This is my niece's baby, Sloane!  Isn't she sweet!  The dress fits!

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  1. This is so pretty, lovely colour choices. What a good idea to use a fabric sheet and word program, never thought of that before for the saying.
    Beautiful little dress


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