Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pandoraspocks Art - Sonia Di Marco

Have you noticed coloring books are no longer just for children, but  they have now become very popular with adults?

Above are only a few of the coloring pages that are available for sale on a new Etsy Shop.  The shop is called  PandoraspocksArt. and the patterns can be purchased at a minimal cost.   The shop is owned and operated  by a very talented woman named Sonia Di Marco. All designs are created by her.

The patterns can be easily downloaded, printed and colored.  Along with the purchase, Sonia has offered a free personalization of each with a name, as per your request.  This can usually be done within a couple of hours of being purchased.

Sonia lives in Melbourne Australia.  She specifically would like to create and publish adult coloring books, as well as designer fabric.  Being an avid sewer, myself,  and having seen Sonia's work, I can testify to the unique and lovely fabric which will be created through her passion.

Please check out Sonia's new shop on Etsy.  Enjoy!


  1. I have seen these! They have finally realized what we who sew knew all along, immerse yourself into a task, coloring included, and it's very mentally calming and meditative. I think there are even apps for doing this on phones!

    1. Interesting comment Pamela! I used to paint from morning to night, & absolutely loved it. Might be a good idea to paint, sew and try to get some housework done! :)

    2. My mother, she used to do Calligraphy years ago, my wonderfully talented artist step dad, he made her a light table. One of my favorite childhood memories was when she was working on a bible for a commission, the artistry she put into it was amazing, and she's also a great artist in her own right.

      I was very lucky to grow up from grade school on with my step dad's influence. Art is a really great way to like actively do something and yet get in touch with your inner artistic voice. I have these cool twistable crayons, those are fun to color with, but I've not tried this type of coloring yet.

    3. Wonderful memories are good to have Pamela! I've never heard of twistable crayons..why twistable? I've never tried this either, but I do have a few friends who enjoy this type of coloring. Maybe one day! I'm really interested in painting, and mixed media really appeals to me.


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