Monday, February 27, 2017

Carry-It-All-Hipster Bag with Recessed Zipper

This is the Carry-It-All Hipster Bag with a recessed zipper.  The recessed zipper tutorial is not  finished yet.

The front of the bag has a long  zipper pocket across the front from one side to the other, as well as a smaller flap pocket.

The back has a large pocket, which extends from one side to the other, and it is a few inches shorter in height.  I added a tab for increased security as you can see in the picture.  I quite like the look..

The inside has an open pocket the width of the bag, and I divided it into two.  There's plenty of room, even though it's not a large bag.

On my previous bag I added small grommets or eyelets for the hooks to connect with, but on this one I used more expensive larger grommets.  Because of the cork being so thick, I was unable to move the grommets up further, so I ended up  unable to attach the hooks.   It meant again having to find even more gold hardware and order it.  By this time I was frustrated.    I then  ended up adding the strap itself through the hole and adding rivets.  It works well for me, but it was not my original plan by any means.

The express purpose of this Carry-All Hipster was to add a recessed zipper.  The piece is easy to create as well as simple to add to the bag.  I did get the zipper panels the correct length.  I really like this bag with this, rather than the flap.

The bag tutorial is not back on Craftsy yet, but it should be there in a bit.  I'm not sure whether or not I'll just give the measurements for the recessed zipper pieces and refer you to a You Tube video. They are really not that difficult to make.  I also have to include a mini tutorial for the back outer pocket tab.

Have a wonderful day!  We just had snow again yesterday, and although it feels cold now, the snow hasn't stayed.  Hopefully Spring is on the favorite time of the year!!  Take care!


  1. Really love the look of this bag! Brave of you to try the cork fabric! Do you like it, now that its finished? It looks GREAT! Is this a pattern of yours on craftsy, i didnt see a link annywhere? It looks just the right size, and the compartment size and placement all look perfect! I also think i have all the harware, other than a snap for the pocket flap... would live to try it! I will try to go find the pattern on craftsy! Thanks for sharing! It turned out beautiful!

  2. Thank you Julie for the lovely comments! Yes, the tutorial is the one which was on Craftsy, but I was unable to open it due to the new platform. I've removed it until the changes are made. The cork isn't difficult to sew, but I think you have to be careful where there's bulky areas and trim them properly. As for the snap, you could replace it with velcro or even a magnetic snap. I really like bag because of the size as well as the recessed zipper. It was quite easy to make.

  3. Love the bag. I've just started making purses and bags. Mine never seem to turn out exactly like my patterns, LOL. Please keep sharing your creations. I can't wait to try your tutorial on this bag. I've been wanting to try a bag with a recessed zipper.

    1. I think this is a pretty easy pattern, and there are a lot of pictures to follow. I'm working on the tutorial today, and I hope I've made the recessed zipper easy to follow. There are great videos on You Tube as well. I'm sure you will do fine. Thank you for the words of encouragement.


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