Monday, July 17, 2017

Fires, and More Fires

Lots happening in our Province with 200 plus fires the last couple of weeks, and we're down to just over 100 today. Our city is surrounded by smoke most days with air quality anywhere from 3 to 10 +, so we're unable to be outdoors for too long.   Small fires still continue to break out in areas. High winds today didn't help the situation much!

Even with all the devastation, people still continue to start camp fires and throw cigarette butts out their vehicles while driving.  Can't believe they could be so thoughtless and selfish..  Looters are robbing homes where people have had to evacuate, but  where the fires have not yet ravaged the home and property.  What a world we live in.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have had to evacuate and leave their homes and belongings!  I'm proud of our city and the way everyone has come together with  such caring hearts, helping  evacuees with accommodations, food and care, not only for them, but for their animals.  It's amazing!  I haven't heard of anyone being killed  because of the fires, nor of any motor vehicle accidents as  in previous years, so we're all very fortunate.  This time every thing has been managed and organized very well.  We have  awesome firefighters, and we're thankful for them as well as for the pilots, equipment operators, all those behind the scenes..  They're doing a fantastic job.We even have  firefighters who flew in from Mexico and Australia today to help in our battle!  How awesome is that!

The picture above is of the Dunn Lake area.

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