Saturday, March 23, 2019


A popular craft catching on right now is making earrings from scraps.  They are super quick taking 5 minutes or less to make.  All you need is leather, cork or vinyl scraps, inspiration,
 and a few supplies. 

It seems the most popular earrings are the ones worn by Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.  She introduced the world to the leather leaf earring.  They can be made from cork, vinyl or leather...whatever you chose to use.  Even if you're not artsy, you can sketch your own templates.  They are that easy

I purchased the supplies from Michael's.   If you're going to be selling them, I suggest you buy good quality hooks and rings.   I used the small pliers I've had for ages,  and a leather punch for the holes.  You could just use a plastic tac to make the holes in the scrap piece. A permanent marker or oil based paint pen can be used to embellish your earrings.   Glue comes in handy, as in my case, I doubled the earring pieces, as I didn't like the unfinished look of the backing.

Leather and cork are expensive so this is an ideal way for using the smaller pieces left over from making your bags and projects.  Vinyl works just as well, and has eye appeal.

I made the label in my Picmonkey program, then transferred the label to the Word program copying and pasting until the page was full.  I then printed onto sticker sheets.  I would suggest those new at this first  test the size before printing.  The heavy cardboard cards were purchased at Michael's but would be easy to make from heavy card stock.

If you're on a tight budget, I noticed good supply of pliers and other smaller tools in our dollar store the other day.  They also had the hooks which are totally affordable.   Check You Tube if you're interested in making earrings.  They have loads of excellent tutorials, or put leather earrings DIY into your google search.  You'll be surprised at the information you will have available to you.  Click on the pictures if you want a closer view of the earrings!   Enjoy!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Bag Patterns

Two new bag patterns just came out.  The particulars for each can be found by clicking on the links.

This one is by Jessica of Sew Da Kine....The Nakoa Convertible Backpack pattern!  You can find the pattern HERE.  She also has bags galore for sale, patterns, bag hardware  and cork.

This is The Tara Leigh Tote Bag  (below).  This is one of the many bag patterns  by Katherine at  Huff & Cuff's.  You can find the PDF pattern HERE..  

Saturday, March 2, 2019


Just finished this tote. It has got to be my favorite of all bags I have made so far!  What a design!  It just all came together right down to turning the bag right side out through the pocket!  The zippers on the sides open to allow for expansion of the bag.

Everything is great about the pattern, but there's one thing I would change, and it's just my preference.  I would make the straps longer instead of adding a shoulder strap! (which I did for this one).

This pattern can be found here at Swoons Sewing Patterns.  If you belong to the Swoon Sewing Group on Facebook, there is a discount for the pattern. There's also a You Tube video which you can watch should you be a visual person. The You Tube video is by Lauren Mormino and can be found HERE!!   It is excellent!

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Since Spring is apparently just around the corner, and of course it snowed here today, I changed the theme on my blog.  Spring it is whether there's snow or not!  I even have some seeds to plant in little peat pellets!  Actually the news is reporting that the weather is going to abruptly change, and it will  suddenly be Spring with warm weather.  Sure hope they're telling us the truth!

I've just about finished a Harriet Bag by Swoon.  I really love the pattern.  This bag was started last year using leather.  The stitches were skipping and I had quite a mess.  I had to re-order leather, and it was becoming quite expensive. You can only sew on leather once, as it leaves holes!   I finally gave up, and there it sat for a long time.  The other day I took it out of the bag, taking off all the leather and the foam, and adding vinyl and a canvas type linen.  There's just the lining to sew in and she's finished!  I've decided to make leather earrings, so the leather will be put to good use.

The other one I have started is the Speedwell Sling Bag.  I had to put it aside as I was becoming a bit overwhelmed with having so many pieces (over 90).  I don't think it's the pattern, but age related.  I look at it once in a while, and think how pretty it's going to be one day!  Can anyone relate? Also after sewing the zips in the Harriet on both sides, I better understand the concept on the Speedwell.

Have a wonderful week and weekend!  Remember, I'm more than happy to post any of your projects!



The Little Cos Bag tutorial  can be purchased for $5.00 US.  If you are interested, please e-mail me at  It's a fairly new release!

This little bag is great  for your day to day essential cosmetics, hair accessories, jewelry or just a sweet little gift for someone special.

Measurements for the Little Cos Bag are 8" w x 6" h x 2 1/2"d.  The Larger Cos Bag is
10" w x 8" h x 3" d.

The bag below is the Large Cos Bag!   It is an easy sew!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Heart Pouch Tutorial

Just in time for Valentines Day!  These sweet pouches would make the ideal gift for  Valentine's Day.  I've made  two for my great granddaughters Hallie and Blakey! 

I thought it would make a great place for them to store their Valentines each year. 

I've added a long ribbon joining them with the idea in mind, that they could hang these pouches from a hook on the wall , out of the way, but within sight.

The tutorial can be found on P4P Sewing Patterns

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cork Fabric DIY Card Wallet

This free  tutorial can be found at SEW CAN SHE.  It's a quick, easy sew!   No lining needed as the cork has it's own backing.  I used  a scrap piece of cork fabric.  It is so nice to sew!

The tutorial is easy to follow, and includes the measurement for a larger wallet.

 While visiting have a look at all the lovely bag tutorials, quilt patterns and various sewing projects Caroline has on her blog.

 She suggested a stitch for this wallet which I've never used before, the triple stretch stitch.. I think it worked really well.  Enjoy!