Saturday, September 13, 2014


I've been wanting to make a walker bag for some time, and finally managed to get one made today.  There are various kinds, and this is a very simple one.  It has an outer and  inner pocket,  and two straps with velcro closures.  I also added a removable bottom base to the bag, so it wouldn't sag.  There's a heavier interfacing along with the quilt batting which I applied to the top of the bag so it wouldn't droop.  I was wondering about a center strap, but then the person might have problems with reaching in, so I decided to try it this way. 

I'm not doing a tutorial, as it is a basic tote bag, lined,  and it has two straps.  I'm sure there's a few things I could improve on.  I'll let you know when it's  tried and tested!

Craftsy has an excellent tutorial for a tote bag and pouch as I mentioned before.  The tote bag tutorial would be good to use for this!

                                                                      Outer Pocket

The back

Velcro closures

Inside pocket

A Walker

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