Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This tote bag is just basic with no inner pockets, and  one large outer one.   My friend hinted she would like a bag with no pockets, something very plain, no closures, so this is what I came up with.  She had previously seen the fabric and loved it.  I could not, not add the front pocket nor add the grommet !!  I also quilted the bag and added a bottom insert, so the bag wouldn't sag.  I wouldn't mind having a whole bolt of this's absolutely beautiful!!

The fabric is by Katarina Rocella and can be viewed at her blog site HERE!  She is one amazing young woman! I ordered the fabric from Fabric Spark, a Canadian fabric store!

 Now looking at the bag, I see the grey fabric should have been lined up to match!  Too late!  I don't think my friend would be too concerned!!  I'll try to remember next time!  It's so soft, smooth, and.... squishy!   This is one of my favorites!


Kate said...

Lovely bag, Linda, and your friend should love it. By not lining up the grey fabric it looks like you were "thinking outside the box" and using your creative genius. ^^

Linda said...

I do like the reasoning behind that Kate! That must have been why! : ))