Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Do you recognize the fabric?  This is a totally different bag though.  There's not a  flap on the front.  There are two separate straps...two for a carry-all, and two walker straps.  The carry-all straps add support to the bag, by going around the bottom and up the sides.  The lady who ordered the bag wanted both..

The bag has loads of pockets.. two outer (one on each side), two large, deep inner pockets, and a large zipper pocket.

 I added a magnetic closure on the bag , and  velcro to the outer pocket.  The bottom of the bag has a removable insert.

This again would  be suitable for a wheelchair as well as walker, depending on the wheel size of the chair of course.

  For the bottom insert for the bag, I actually found some material at  Home Hardware that is plastic mesh.  It is covered with two sheets of plastic, and it is strong!   It works really well and certainly serves the purpose.  The plastic can even be cut with scissors.

This was a special order for a lady, and I'm hoping she will like it.  She requested the same fabric as I used for the other bag.


  1. Beautiful and functional! Have a good day!

  2. Linda, another well done project. After seeing my niece's wheel chair, I'm gonna have to make some changes to any pattern I use, as the wheelchair arm is very short, and the wheel is very small! Quite strange! I guess I'll just have to follow you and get creative!

  3. Thank you Marge! How short is the armrest? The first bag I made was only 10" wide. If you could show me a picture of the type of chair she has, I could maybe create something that would work.

    1. Linda, I don't have a picture. I'm just gonna "wing" it!.I will have to take pictures and make notes the next time I visit her. Her resident friends have wheelchairs with a large wheel, so patterns will vary.

    2. Go for it Marge! Let me know how it turns out!


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