Sunday, August 2, 2015

Patchwork Potholders WITH BINDING!

I remember awhile ago posting potholders without binding! I had tried sewing  binding on mug rugs and potholders, but it was by machine and the top-stitching never lined up with the back. I gave up and put them in a drawer with some other unfinished projects.

If you've been following my blog you are aware I've just completed my first quilt, and you know what goes around the outside!! Yes, binding! What was I going to do?  Well, when needing an answer I usually just go to You Tube now.

 I found two excellent tutorials by Crafty Gemini. Her tutorials were so easy to follow and she has an interesting way of explaining things. "Pretty sides touching" is one phrase I recall right now simple and retainable.

I was able to hand sew the binding on the first and second quilt, and although I don't profess to being an expert I think I'm getting the hang of it. I actually enjoyed the process!   I still had to go back several times to watch how to fold the corners, and join the end pieces.

 So here's the patchwork potholders I made! The binding is not perfect by any means.  Next time I would use a wider binding, as the potholders are thicker with the two layers of batting and the insul-brite batting.  A couple of the corners were also too pointy!

I would like to encourage all who are nervous regarding sewing on binding to  go for it.  You can find the You Tube videos by Crafty Gemini HERE and HERE..  It's like anything else, just takes some practice!

Here's a written tutorial for the binding... an excellent one!  You can find it on Craftsy,

                                                                                                          These two potholders I  started  several months ago, but didn't finish them.  They were were just too big at 9"x 9".  Last evening I took the binding off, which was only sewn on one side anyway, and made them smaller .... 8"x 8"...... the perfect size!  I added a grommet to each one, and they're now considered finished!


  1. I love these Linda...they're beautiful....I esp like the little hole you've put in the corner to hang them often lacking in bought ones. Makes me want to start quilting again......(Your anonymous friend) Maureen xx

    1. Thank you Maureen. I put the eyelets in as I didn't know how to put a loop on the corner when I was sewing the binding on. Quick easy solution! : )

  2. OK. My hexagon pot holders look dumb, so I am going to try to make these instead.. Yours are so pretty. I just bought some TurkeyDay fabric.. Will let you know how they come out.. Terry

    1. I have those days as well, Terry! Looking forward to seeing your potholders!! : )


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