Saturday, May 14, 2016


I've just completed two custom orders for the Sew Together Bag (3 zip pockets).  This will be it for now.  I'm going to be making some other bags (Swoon), as well as making a few using the tutorials I am selling on Craftsy.

My Carry-It-All Hipster Bag would look beautiful in the cork fabric that is so popular now.  I'm not sure of the color yet, but maybe pink or purple.

Anyway, for now here's the Sew Together Bags!  The fabric the customer chose is just beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I love these sew together bags, especially the chardonnay material.

Linda said...

Thank you! The blue one has gold in it, and is very pretty too...just can't see it in the photo. I'm going to try one with just 2 pockets in it...see what it looks like...thought I could use it as a sewing bag for my granddaughter. She doesn't sew AT ALL, but thought it would be great for needles, thread, thimble, a few buttons, etc. With having a baby, you'll soon be replacing buttons, sewing a seam. What do you think?