Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Charlotte City Tote by Swoon

I've just about finished this Charlotte City Tote by Swoon.  It's quite roomy in the inside, and I think it would be suitable for someone who carries  a lot of "stuff".  I love the design, and the vinyl adds a bit of pizzazz to the whole look.

The vinyl is from Lee Ann's Home Decor on Facebook.  She has a vast array of different fabrics as well as vinyls.  Her shipping charges are exceptionally reasonable, and to top it all off, she's one nice lady!!  She can be found HERE!

The fabric is Ex Libris by Alison Glass!  I love absolutely all of her fabric!  I purchased this fabric at Quincy's Quilting in Edmonton.  They have an excellent selection of fabric, and FREE SHIPPING!

Back to the vinyl!  The vinyl was quite easy to sew, and despite the popular belief that you need to use a leather needle, I  used a regular one.  I ended up with a couple of missed stitches a long the way, but it wasn't the vinyl, but my sewing machine not liking the bulk at some points....especially where the piping joins at the top.  I most likely should have removed the piping  a 1/2" from the top on all four corners.

I've never made my own vinyl piping before, and next time I would ensure the cording is firm.  This was on the softer side, and it was really difficult to define when sewing.  All in all, for the battle that endured at some points, it looks just fine to me!

Swoon sewing patterns are excellent, reasonably priced, and they have a few free ones.  The latest free one is The Dollie.  It's 6" x 6", and is ideal for  child or adult!  Patterns can be found HERE!

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