Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rose Fabric Bag Tutorial - Versatile

 The bag tutorial can be found on  CRAFTSY!  (These new changes have not been added to the pattern).

I just finished making a new bag using this pattern, with a few changes...the arrows indicate what has been added or changed.

I'm just showing this as an example of what can be done if you wish..  It is quite a versatile tutorial.

Changes & Additions

- 1 removable shoulder strap was added.

-  two strips of 1" fabric were added to the sides of the bag from the top wide section of the bag to the bottom.  Another piece of fabric was made into a loop to hold the hardware on the side.

- instead of making a long flap, I shortened it to serve as more of a decorative element, using it just on the front.  I used hardware from Emmaline Bags.

-  a recessed zipper was added.  I looked at many tutorials, which helped somewhat, then figured out how to do it differently, or I think it's different.

- in the inside I added one large deep pocket and divided it into two.  This is on the inside front side, while the zipper pocket is on the inside back.

- I also used a heavy interfacing over the quilt batting.

All in all I'm quite happy with it.  Hope you like it!

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